Chilean money matters

The currency used in Chile is the Chilean Peso (symbol international code: CLP).

Exchange rate (dd 10/10/2018)

1000 CLP = 1,19 EUR / 1 EUR = 776 CLP ​



The easiest way to obtain cash is by using ATMs, which operate under the "Redbank" sign. These cashpoint machines take Cirrus, Visa and MasterCard and permit transactions up to USD450. However, they are only available in major cities so please ensure you have enough cash when visiting more remote places.

Foreign Currency

The government does not regulate the market of foreign currency in Chile. You can exchange money at any established "Casa de Cambio" at market driven exchange rates. They are common in commercial areas (Downtown and Providencia) as well as in shopping malls and airports. It is necessary to change currency, as foreign currencies are generally not accepted.

US dollars however are accepted more commonly. Only clean new bills should be used, as worn-out (with marks) and old notes are likely to be rejected. It is usually unnecessary to pay a commission on cash exchanges. Many hotels accept US dollars.

Credit Cards

MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards are accepted throughout the country, though visitors should not count on being able to use their card in rural areas. Storeowners will sometimes charge more for purchases made with a credit card.

We recommend you to contact your bank before your departure in order to check if your credit cards are not ‘blocked for use outside of the EU’. Due to an ever-increasing amount of fraud cases with credit cards in recent years, most Belgian banks have placed a ‘standard block’ on credit cards. You simply need to ask your bank to unblock this feature in order to be able to use your credit card abroad. In case of loss, theft or fraud of a Belgian credit- or debit card, please contact Card Stop at once (+0032 70 344 344)

  • Paying with a debit card is always cheaper than getting cash from the ATM to pay
  • Paying with a debit card is slightly cheaper than paying with a credit card
  • Retrieving cash at an ATM is always much cheaper from your debit card then from your credit card


Tipping is customary in Chile. Copied from the US system, most people working in the service industries get paid a basic salary that is then complemented by tips. This being said, the travel organisation is taking care of all the tipping to waiters in restaurants, porterage at airports & in hotels, drivers and guides.

It is up to the discretion of each individual if you wish to give something extra to someone who has gone out of his or her way to be helpful to you. A brief guideline…

Local Driver on a full day tour     USD5 per day, per person
Local Guide on a full day tour      USD15 per day, per person

Restaurant Service: 10% is the average restaurant gratuity charge. Usually the waiter will ask you if he can add the amount of 10% to your bill.

Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped, but they appreciate the fare being rounded off.

For All Inclusive properties we suggest a package tipping of 20-30USD per person per day that would be distributed amongst the hotel staff members such as guides, drivers, waiters and maids.


For more information:
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