Climate and weather

Given the extent of its territory, Chile's climate is particularly varied. From the arid North to the glacial South, temperatures vary greatly depending on the region. The summer months of January and February are the hottest, while July and August are the coldest.

Santiago is located between the Andes Mountains and the Chilean Coastal range, in the country’s central valley. This results in a semi-arid climate with Mediterranean patterns.

Concepción is located more south than Santiago and right on the Pacific coast. It is often cooler there, there are more chances of rain and the wind is constantly present to some extent.

San Pedro de Atacama is located in the far Northeast of the country, close to the border of Bolivia and Argentina and has a typical desert climate, meaning nice to warm temperatures during the day and cold at night.

Please find below an idea of the average daytime temperatures during our stay :

Santiago 15 - 20°C Pleasant spring warmth
Concepción 10 - 12°C Cool and more humid 
San Pedro de Atacama  20 - 25°C Dry and warm


Please take into consideration a possible rain shower in Santiago and/or Concepción.

Source & more info : of (°C marking)


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